Aplicaciones móviles de BullionVault

Descarga la app BullionVault para iOSAndroid y empieza a comprar y vendero oro, plata y platino en cualquier parte y a cualquier hora. Nuestros clientes ya han realizado transacciones en oro y plata por valor de más de 145 millones de dólares a través de órdenes introducidas a través de sus smartphones y tablets en el último año. 

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Características de nuestra app para comprar y vender oro 

La app es gratuita en todos los dispositivos. No se requiere de una cuenta BullionVault para descargarla y acceder a muchas de las funcionalidades de la aplicación. 

Sin una cuenta BullionVault puede:

Sin necesidad de ser cliente de BullionVault podrá:
- Consultar en gráficos el precio actual del oro, de la plata y del platino en dólares, libras, euros o yenes. 
- Explorar los mercados las 24 horas del día y seleccionar los que sean de su interés. 
- Visualizar los contenidos en cualquiera de las siguientes lenguas: inglés, español, francés, alemán, italiano, polaco, ruso, chino y japonés. 
- Ver los precios en onzas troy o kilogramos. 

Monitor short-term price changes over the last hour. You can also view price movements over the last day, month, year and 5 years.

You can access the live bullion-trading markets without logging in and customise the app so only markets of interest to you are displayed.

With a BullionVault account

BullionVault clients can securely sign into their account on the app and check their current balance of gold, silver, currency and the up to date valuation of their gold and silver holding. Open and closed orders from the past 30 days can all be reviewed. You can then buy gold and/or silver within seconds or sell your bullion with an instant settlement. All of which is secured in your choice of a Zurich, London, New York, Singapore or Toronto vault.

Convenient trading

Nine different language settings are available. These include the major European languages along with Japanese and Chinese. Through the app you can buy and sell gold and silver bullion at weekends and holidays because unlike any other physical gold market worldwide BullionVault’s live order board remains open 24/7.

The apps have had 250,000 downloads and has so far been used across 213 countries. 

User reviews include, “The only app which made mobile gold trading possible!” and “really quick and simple to use”.

Free starting silver

Opening a BullionVault account provides you with 4 free grams of silver so you can start trading risk free. This includes downloading and opening a trading account with the app. The process from download to trading your free silver takes less than 90 seconds.  

Largest gold trades via the apps

  • Android platform: 21.390kg of gold bought for £500,310.60.
  • iOS platform: 19.437kg of gold bought for €695,841.79.

Largest silver trades via the apps

  • Android platform: 312.427kg of silver bought for £153,089.23
  • iOS platform: 511.026kg of silver bought for £199,300.14

Download the app today and start trading remotely via iOS or Android