FAQs, información general y guía para comprar oro paso a paso.

Claim your promotion - in detail

The BullionVault promotional offer

BullionVault is giving away bullion and cash as a way of introducing you to the safest, easiest and most cost-effective way of buying, owning, storing and selling professional grade gold and silver bullion.

We want you to try the system by trading a small balance of silver. If you're an amazingly successful trader you might even be able to build your account by trading, without ever funding your account, but that would require remarkable skill, and some luck! It is more likely that you will find you have sufficient resources to experiment with buying and selling several times.

Probably you will one day find your account has insufficient resources to buy another gram of silver. We hope you have had sufficient practice to be confident enough with the BullionVault system by then to fund your account. Until then your account is real, but small.

The procedure to claim your promotional offer

Step 1. All you do is open your account. There is a quick guide to account opening for reasonably experienced internet users, and also an in-depth help system which takes you through step by step, telling you in detail about account opening, security, and how to fill in each of the fields.

What happens next?

  • Just get going! Log in to the system with your new username and password and click around. A lot of what you see should be intuitively clear, but when you've had a look and feel why not read the FAQs on the BullionVault user interface. You'll probably find out quite a lot which you haven't worked out for yourself.
  • Most of our promotions give a free initial balance. Of course these initial balances are quite small, and might be in either bullion or money. But because our minimum transaction size is 1 gram of either gold or silver this is all you need to do to get the hang of the system and how to buy and sell on BullionVault. Good luck!
  • We hope you'll soon appreciate the features of BullionVault and want to make a meaningful purchase. To do that you must fund your account. Check out how to fund your account here.
  • Don't forget to validate your identity. This is very important. If you do not validate an unfunded account we will eventually shut it down and release its resources for further promotions.