FAQs, información general y guía para comprar oro paso a paso.

Switch to a different vault

Switching to a different vault requires you to sell in your current vault and buy-back in the different one.

The speed with which you complete this will depend on your acceptance - or otherwise - of the prices which are available to you.

The procedure

Step 1. Sell as much bullion as you require in the vault you wish to exit. To see how to sell your gold, silver and platinum click here.
Step 2. Once your sale has settled you will have available cash. This cash can be used to buy bullion in another vault. To see how to buy, click here.

Alternative suggestion

Where international law permits it, you have a right of transfer of bullion within BullionVault from one vault location to another, but only in the form of entire and appropriate bars.

To learn more about this option please see the Tariff before contacting us to discuss your aims.